Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Problem Like Burris

Roland Burris does not want to resign his Senate seat and there’s not a whole lot that can be done to force him out absent any actual criminal charges. We could hold a special election but I’m not sure it’s worth it considering that by the time that expensive event takes place, there will be a year or a year and a half left in his term. I mean, this time next year the primary battle for the seat will already be well underway.

It has been the right thing to do for people like Dick Durbin and several from the Illinois Congressional delegation to call for his resignation but, in the end, it’s Burris’ decision. Burris didn’t do the right thing in accepting the appointment so I don’t expect him to do the right thing now. I think we may just have to continue registering our displeasure with him (to keep the pressure on in case he does eventually cave) while keeping in mind that he is really just part of a Blagojevich hangover that will eventually go away on its own with time.

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