Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good Fences Make For Clever Neighbors

Speaking of wasteful government spending, remember that big, expensive wall we are putting up on the Mexican border to stem the flow of illegal immigrants? How’s that working out?
And all the while, drug smugglers and illegal immigrants continue to breach the fencing that is up, forcing Border Patrol agents and contractors to return again and again for repairs. The smugglers build ramps to drive over fencing, dig tunnels under it, or use blow torches to slice through. They cut down metal posts used as vehicle barriers and replace them with dummy posts, made from cardboard.

Where fencing is going up, the look varies from place to place. In high-traffic pedestrian areas, such as around ports of entry, the barriers include 10-foot-tall mesh fences, angled to deter climbers, and solid walls made from Army surplus steel originally used to create landing strips during the Vietnam War. There are about 300 miles of these pedestrian barriers up now, built at an average cost of $3.9 million per mile, including land acquisition, according to the Government Accountability Office.

In remote regions where drive-through smuggling is the top concern, the Border Patrol has built vehicular barriers, often steel posts driven into the desert ground at close intervals. The average cost is about $1 million per mile, according to the GAO.
Well, at least we aren’t wasting that money on birth control!


RichardTuesday said...

"Fence to nowhere", wouldn't be surprised if it was built with illegal immigrant help.

We could have elected McCain and in 8 more years the Mexicans wouldn't even want to come here.

RichardTuesday. said...

Please show me where I blame the Mexicans. Your reading comprehension is even worse then your prediction that McCain would win. You have zero credibility. Go away and play with your Joe The Plumber action figure.

Geek Girl said...

Off the meds today there geek? Why so bitter? I guess you are founding out for yourself that Obama is not magic, in fact he is an idiot.

Too bad.

But at least he will only be a 1 termer.

At least I pay my taxes, unlike your democrats buddies. ha

RichardTuesday said...

I am not on meds.
I am not bitter.
I did not "founding" out that Obama is magic because he is in office for 2 weeks and he has 8 years of Republican idiocy and failed policies to fix.

Joe the Plumber didn't pay his taxes either, too bad he is the Republican Mascot.

Since you are so smart, what is your solution to 8 years of failed republican policies? Even more failed republican policies?!? You had your chance and screwed up big time. Republicans and you are irrelevant, go away. Let the adults run the country now.

Now watch this drive!

geek guy now in sjr lol said...

Ha, I just found Obama's "official" position on the fence. Ready..

President Obama's position on the fence and whether it should be completed remains unclear. He voted for it in the Senate but expressed concern about whether it "makes sense" to have a barrier everywhere along the planned route. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is also said to be a skeptic.

Another prime example of Obama not taking a position. This shit is too funny to make up. Sounds like John Kerry "I voted for it before I voted against it"....roflol!!!

RichardTuesday said...

Bible Liar
There is a difference between planning and implementation. That and nuances takes more then 2 brain cells to comprehend.

The one whose name is banned said...

Seriously though Geek,

There is too much pork in this package. I dont think it fits the definition of a stimulus. It is just a typical democrat budget, just bigger.

I dont have a problem with them pushing it as a regular budget, but we need a stimulus and this is not one. Sorry.

RichardTuesday said...

Pork? Oh like a 1 trillion dollar pork package for haliburton called the Iraq war?!? It will take forever for the Dems to beat that.

Seriously, itemizes and total what you define as pork.
Define stimulus (other then pictures of Sarah Palin surround by dead animals or Bush in a flight suit).
What is your solution? I am all (Obama) ears.

BillBuckner said...


I am trying to search for a site that lists the package. Very hard to find. I found one,, that has it all but not summarized. The thing is about 1600 pages.

I will try to list some specifics that I find though

RichardTuesday said...

Blind Billy,
Did you try looking at the post here? "Back of Envelope Blogging" Scroll down about about 4 post, and click the link in it.

Reading comprehension = 0. Geez, you dumber then Bush and Palin, typical republican voter.

Good luck beating a trillion $ so Bush can play commander-in-chief.