Friday, February 13, 2009

Springfield to Washington, A Path Well Traveled

I’m not easily moved by such things, but I felt a certain sense of pride and hope last night when I watched Air Force One fly over my house, turn east and to head back to Washington DC. On that plane was our new president. A president who was working here in Springfield as a state senator only a few years ago. And now he was winging his way to Washington to face problems that tower over issues he may have faced here. It was almost symbolic; Obama coming to town to honor Springfield’s favorite son, himself a president elected at a time of crisis, and flying off in the majestic bird to go help craft a future that without superb leadership will be grim. I wonder if leaving Springfield last night, Obama didn’t finally get the sense that this was really it, it’s all up to him now.


Anonymous said...

Either I'm very hormonal or your words in this post were just that moving! Wow. Well said.


Anonymous said...

God Help us

Marie said...

He zigged past my house on his way back to Washington, too.