Friday, February 20, 2009

Gene Siskel, Gone Ten Years

The famous film critic Gene Siskel died ten years ago today and this week his former partner at the movies (pun intended), Roger Ebert, remembers Siskel in this retrospective. Looking at the pictures, it’s hard to believe they were ever so young.

I remember first stumbling upon Siskel and Ebert’s show on PBS back in 1977. I think it was a monthly program back then. I was interested in film and the concept intrigued me. Several years later when I was in college, Siskel was scheduled to speak on campus and I was excited to go hear him. When I got to the place where he was supposed to appear, we were told the lecture had been cancelled because a thunderstorm in St. Louis had prevented his plane from arriving, or something. Oh well, next time, I thought. Next time never came and I’m still sorry for the missed opportunity.

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