Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blago 2.0

Josh Marshall sez:

Roland Burris is on TV giving a speech defending himself against allegations he lied about his role in being solicited and then trying to help raise money for Rod Blagojevich to help get the senate seat. And it's basically identical to a series of speeches Blago himself gave when he was swirling around the bowl: How dare you give me any crap for lying about that fundraising stuff when, my god, I just helped pass the Stimulus Bill, SCHIP and the Lily Ledbetter bill.

It's almost like a homage to Blago. All he needs is a good Tennyson quote.

I was thinking something very similar early this morning. The more this Burris thing goes on, the more it mirrors the Blagojevich show that just concluded with impeachment.

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Bill said...

This is actually sad. To see Burris ruin his reputation on this fiasco. Not that I ever really liked the guy, but I did feel that he was somewhat honest. Now all of those feelings are gone and I think he is just another scumbag, self serving, politician.

This whole mess in Illinois, from Ryan to Blago to now Burris and all of the other idiots inbetween make me want to puke.

BTW, an alderwoman from Chicago was just sentenced to jail yesterday. What in the world?