Monday, February 23, 2009

Shorter Kev 02/23/09

Obama sucks! He keeps saying we are in a recession and because he says that, we are! All we need to do is simply not admit we are in tough economic times, and then things will get better. It’s ALL attitude. Now let me read to you a long inspirational quote on having a good attitude.

Kevan Kavanaugh’s commentaries can be heard regularly on AM 970 WMAY.


Will said...

That reminds me of the months just before Bush took office when he kept talking about a coming recession and "warning lights on the dashboard" of the economy. It was all a scare tactic to get his tax cuts passed. Consumer spending and investor confidence plummeted and it probably created or worsened that recession. I didn't hear the talking heads accuse Bush of hurting the economy at the time.
The difference now is that the problems already existed. Obama isn't creating a new problem like Bush did.

RichardTuesday said...

I heard kev's, comments yesterday. Maybe Obama should say "the fundamentals of our economy are sound". My favorite economy statements were always "we have a surplus, lets cut taxes and give the people their money back" then a year later say "we have a deficit, lets cut taxes and give the people their money back". It is only logical for republicans.