Thursday, March 19, 2009

Furlough To Go

Governor Quinn wants to give state employees some extra time off, whether they want it or not and without pay. I would like to see the state allow employees to be able to trade furlough days with other state employees. That is, if Employee A doesn’t mind having even more paid time off, they could take some or all of Employee B’s furlough days from Employee B.

In my time working for the state, I knew a number of people who would gladly have taken more time off simply because they valued the time more than the money. They still needed the job, but had to work full time, all the time, when they really didn’t need to financially. Then there were those (like me at the time) who really couldn’t afford even four days off. I say get these folks together and do some tradin’.

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Anonymous said...

The state (CMS) already has rules in place allowing agencies to create a vacation and sick time "bank" for employees to give unused sick/vacation days that others can "borrow" when they have catastrophic illnesses, family crises, etc. Why not amend this rule to allow exchange of furlough days as well?