Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple Simon

So Barnes & Noble is staying put, and not moving to White Oaks Mall. This is far from the most serious issue even here in Springfield, but someone is lying here:
Mall director of marketing and business development Christine Lahmann said she was not aware of any discussions between the mall and Barnes & Noble.

She added that there are no immediate plans for the former theater space.

Employees at Barnes & Noble said no one was available to discuss plans for remodeling the existing store.

Robbins said he believes Barnes & Noble was serious about moving to White Oaks Mall, adding that he was not sure if the economy played a role in the company’s decision to stay put.

I’m not claiming any inside knowledge, but it was my understanding that White Oaks management (Simon Property Group ) kicked the “cheap” theater out to make room for B&N. In other words, we would still have a nice $2 theater in town if not for Simon’s stupid decision. For the life of me, I can’t understand why that mall is still open. It may have been the core of all of the retail development on the cities southwest side years ago, but it now seems more like the rotten core.

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