Thursday, April 23, 2009

Illinois as Meat

Maybe you’ve seen this SEIU Healthcare Illinois TV ad. It’s the one with the piece of meat shaped like Illinois and we're warned that all of the fat has already been trimmed in government budgets –or something. Well, I’ve seen it enough now that I’m starting to get fixated on the more subtle visual details.

For example, once the fat is gone from around the edges of the state, the knife starts cutting northwest Illinois off from the rest of the state. Hmmmm. Would we be able fix our financial problems that way? No one would miss hell holes like Freeport, but can’t we keep Galena and beautiful Jo Daviess County?

But wait! While we don’t see the actual carnage, the ad takes us to the inevitable conclusion with the whole state cut away except for the bone in the middle which appears to be approximately Morgan County.

So my take away from this is we need to generate more revenue so Illinois doesn’t become Jacksonville.

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