Thursday, July 24, 2008

Air Farce One

I generally don’t have a problem with temporary disruptions (think traffic, law enforcement) caused to a community by a presidential visit. I think it's good when the president gets out to visit the country he (someday she) governs. And yes, politics is always a consideration in these things, that can’t be avoided.

But I think I draw the line when the visit is 100% pure political. For example, President Bush is flying into Peoria tomorrow for the sole purpose of attending a fundraiser for congressional candidate Aaron Schock. That’s it, there’s no other reason he’s coming to Peoria. And what do the residents of Peoria get:
Motorists who typically use Airport Road and Dirksen Parkway or Interstate 474, Illinois Route 6 and U.S. Route 150 near Orange Prairie Road are asked to find an alternate route if they need to get to their destination promptly.

Portions of those roadways will be shut down temporarily as the president's motorcade leaves the airport and makes it way to the fundraiser.

After the president has passed, the roadways will be reopened. When it's time for him to leave Weaver Farm and head back to the airport, authorities will repeat the process.
Schock gets some cash, his potential constituents get delays. I’m pretty sure these delays would be more than a little irritating to me given the nature of the visit. It would be one thing if the president showed up for some public ceremony (the opening of the ALPLM here for example) or some alleged fact-finding visit (tour a local manufacturing plant) but when it’s to only raise money for a candidate, well, not so much. And I would feel the same way no matter the president or his party affiliation. Got that, Mr. Obama?


capitolfax said...

Maybe Schock should reimburse the city for police protection, etc.

rickmonday said...

Unfortunately, that is the way it is with all Presidents. I mean is he not suppose to fundraise? I dont like it either but are we not suppose to provide the security wherever he goes?

Blevins said...

Hey Dave,
Just some weird, perverse and sick parallel universite...Mr. Shock is...the President of the United States!!! Duhn, Duhn, Duhn, Duhmb. Scaaarrryyy!