Monday, July 21, 2008


Ha, ha. Schock the Monkey = Barack Obama.

In a story last week about campaign finances and fund-raising, 18th Congressional District candidate Aaron Schock's campaign manager, Steve Shearer, said, "Like Sen. (Barack) Obama, Aaron continues to attract new donors who have never given before because of the promise Aaron has for the future."

That wasn't the first reference or comparison the Schock camp has made to Obama. It could be a risky strategy given the conservative 18th Congressional District, which has been held by Republicans since 1917.

So why make the Democratic reference?

Why compare Schock, the "new face" of the Republican party - young, idealistic and conservative - to the rising superstar of the Democratic party and possibly the next president?

Maybe it's a clever campaign tactic.

Obama is a popular guy, especially in his home state of Illinois. So set Schock up as the young up-and-comer, only on the Republican side.

"It's been well noted that Obama has gotten a lot of new contributors that have never contributed before. Aaron has too. That's a fair comparison. Change is not partisan," Shearer said.

His Democratic opponent, Colleen Callahan, asks the same question, especially since President George W. Bush, also a Republican, is coming to Peoria on Friday for a fundraiser for Schock.

"Isn't it creative of Aaron to try to have it both ways?" Callahan asked.

She says Schock is embracing a president dogged by skyrocketing gasoline and food prices and who supports an unpopular war that continues to drag on.

Shearer said Schock is like Obama in that he represents change and people are inspired by him. Callahan, he said, is showing she's more of a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Well, I certainly expect Aaron Schock, given his similarity to Barack Obama, will align himself with Predisdent Obama’s agenda next year should thay both win thier respective races.


Will said...

Who exactly is inspired by Aaron Schock other than aging Republican leaders scared that there's no future for their party in Illinois? I haven't met anyone. Its one thing to say you're inspiring people when you're speaking to enthusiastic crowds like Obama is, but I've never seen people respond to Schock that way. What an arrogant claim.
Stunning arrogance is a common quality of right wing talk radio hosts, who Aaron appears to have more in common with than Barack Obama.

rickmonday said...

The exact same can be said about Collen Callahan. Who does she inspire? I have never met anyone inspired by her.

But, jeez, we are talking about a House seat in a small Illinois district.

Will said...

True, but I haven't heard Colleen compare herself to Obama.

rickmonday said...

Ok, Will, I looked up Colleen Callahan. She is related to Dan Callahan, the SIU baseball coach. I know Dan. Dan was my brother's baseball coach at EIU and actually recruited one of my former work colleague's son to catch for him at SIU, the kid ended up going to Navy instead but regardless, Dan Callahan is a class guy.

So, maybe I will vote for Colleen. Actually, it doesnt matter, I am registered at my Chicago address so I wont be voting in this race at all.