Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blog So I can Ignore You

Ha, ha. Now I know why people encourage ME to keep on blogging.
I've found that the age of the internet has made me far less tolerant of certain types of annoying people: the person sending out "did you see what candidate X did???" emails to their entire address book, the coworker constantly interrupting you with the latest gossip about Britney Spears, the deliveryman whose packages are always accompanied by long-winded unoriginal conspiracy theories. I feel that type of noise shouldn't be directed towards me, forcing me to listen, when they could focus all of that energy on a blog I could ignore.
Right. If people want your opinion they can go to your blog. Otherwise, STFU. It’s an opt-in option that relieves people of pursuing a potentially rude opt-out course of action.


Blevins said...

Dave, I've been cheating man. I have found another blog, Tish's Page. Though your blog is entertaining, I find hers to be motivating.

Like I am now more than ever motivated to support things like abortion, shoving red-hot pokers in my eyes, etc. Sure, I could just stop going to her blog, but it's like driving by a nasty car wreck...literally.

Dave said...


I still think that site is parody. And I think it’s written by a guy. “She” even referred to “herself” as a guy in one recent post. I’m not sure any woman would really post pictures of herself like those in the slideshow.