Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Taking the 4th Off Edition

I know I promised an exciting! FBB based on my St. Paul microbrewery experience last weekend, but that was before I realized today is the 4th of July. So I'll save it for next week when people are actually wasting time on the internet again. Until then, enjoy this 4th of July FBB from 2005, or better yet, this one from 2006.

Also, Marie of Disarranging Mine fame, has contributed the following must-see TV beer commercials from days gone by (comments hers):
PBR 1958 - We don't know this jingle

PBR Early 1950s - This is the jingle we still hear in our heads

Mr. Magoo slinging Stag (this is pathetic)

Okay, I just realized this is someone's spoof of a Lowenbrau
commercial, but I never could remember the 2nd verse of the jingle;
love that jingle, by the way - if I had a theme song, it would sound
like this


Man-sized pleasure - Falstaff:


Thank you Marie, that was very entertaining. FBB contributions are always welcome!

Have a great 4th of July!

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