Sunday, July 20, 2008

Noodling Around

Stopped into the new Noodles and Company restaurant near White Oaks Mall this afternoon to see what they were all about. I wasn't expecting much as I kind of thought the concept, all foods based on noodles, was kind of lame. But we were bored on a Sunday and so what the hell.

I wasn't encouraged when we went in and saw what appeared to be a rather limited menu posted above the counter. They have three menus: Asian, Mediterranean, and American. I ordered the Bangkok Curry while Mrs. TEH got the Pod Thai, both off the Asian menu. We were both very pleased with the food. The potsickers side I ordered was just OK, but the entrees were great.

But I did notice one thing that I guess really doesn't surprise me. As you look at the three menus, going from the Asian to the Mediterranean (which is really just Italian) and on to the American, I noticed how the health quality decreased. The Asian stuff is full of veggies, the Mediterranean does pretty well too with just some Feta or Parmesan to add some flavor, while American is pasta and fat. Makes you kind of proud.

Full disclosure: We did take home some of their Mushroom Stroganoff and while it was all pasta and fat with three or four mushroom slices, it was quite good.

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