Thursday, July 03, 2008

Best Snark of the Day

Barack Obama is a well-known elitist. He orders orange juice and stuff so how could he not be. Well OK, sometimes he’s a Marxist Muslim Antichrist, but mostly he’s just an elitist. And Matthew Yglesias provides us with the clear “regular guy” contrast J. Sidney McCain embodies:

By contrast, John McCain is an all-American regular guy who, like most people, earns his keep by marrying an heiress. Like average, everyday folks the McCain's rely on credit cards to make ends meet month-to-month "Cindy McCain charged as much as $500,000 in a single month on one American Express card and $250,000 on another, while one of their two dependent children had an AmEx card with a monthly balance as large as $50,000." Yes it's true, one of McCain's dependent children spent approximately the median annual household income of the United States in a single month and that's how McCain knows how to connect with regular people.

Similarly, Mrs. McCain "favors suits made by the German designer Escada, which typically retail for around $3,000 a pop" so she understands that most Americans welcome Wal-Mart's discount prices. And like many Americans, the McCains are very effected by developments in the real estate market, since "trusts and corporations controlled by her and her children spent nearly $11 million between the summer of 2004 and February 2008 on three condominiums in Phoenix and a pair outside San Diego." The McCains understand that these days many young people graduate from college saddled with debt and need a helping hand, that's why they spent "$700,000 for a 1,900-square foot, three-bedroom loft condo for her then-22-year-old daughter Meghan McCain" after she graduated from Columbia. Similarly, they know all about problems with inflation since they "increased their budget for household employees from $184,000 in 2006 to $273,000 in 2007, according to John McCain’s tax returns."
Truly a man in touch with the people who isn’t at all elitist.

By the way, this is kind of a cool video of Obama at his daughter’s soccer game (which, yes, is an elitist sport from Europe).


geek_guy said...

Oh come on, you forgot to mention how many guns a month he (or his private security force) buys. Or how many bibles he has. Why do you hate America?

rickmonday said...

Yes, Obama is a regular guy who can afford to throwaway almost $10,000 to Hillary Clinton's failed campaign. I mean, I have 10k lying around to give to Romney but just havent gotten around to it yet.

But at least Obama now supports an individual right to own guns, to support federal funds for faith based initiatives, to support NAFTA, to support the death penalty, to oulaw some late term abortions...I mean come on, does this guy have a backbone?