Monday, July 28, 2008

I Don't Golf, But My 5 Year-Old Son Promised to Teach Me!

For some reason, Hyper Drummer Boy as become Hyper Golf Boy. When we were out of town on vacation in early April, the boy stumbled upon the Golf Channel and was memorized...for about a day. Typical. Then about a week ago he was at Toys R Us with his mom looking to spend a birthday gift certificate and eyed a kids golf set. He wanted nothing else. So he came home with his bag of four clubs (a driver, a 5 iron, a 9 iron, and a putter), a few balls and some tees. The clubs are pretty good quality it seems, just short.

Anyway, he's been out using them almost every day. The first day he had them he was actually able to hit the ball, and when he did it for the first time, he yelled, "Dad, I just made my first golf!" Yes, a big moment indeed. One I really can't relate to since I have no interest in golf and never have. But still, it was cute.

Here are some pics of the boy using his new clubs.

Lining up his shot...

Laughing at his own golf goofiness...

Hitting the ball...

And while we're on sports and the boy, this weekend we also practiced hitting a pitched ball with a bat. He successfully did that for the first time on Saturday. While he was trying to hit a missed ball back to me, I snapped this:

Notice that strange bending of objects iPhone cameras are able to do (look at what is otherwise a straight bat).

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JeromeProphet said...

Geez you have a HUGE backyard!

Hope you have a riding mower.