Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ich bin ein New Berliner

Hey, what about Berlin, Illinois? We even have a NEW Berlin, Mr. McCain.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Barack Obama is not the only presidential candidate who will be front-and-center in Berlin this Thursday. Well, sort of.

In the latest effort to counter-program Obama’s tour of Europe and the Middle East, the Republican National Committee will air radio ads promoting John McCain’s candidacy in three different Berlins: Berlin, New Hampshire; Berlin, Pennsylvania; and Berlin, Wisconsin.

Not the most expensive media markets for the RNC to buy time – but certainly a clever way to gain some national press and perhaps gain some buzz in these three battleground states, while Obama delivers what is expected to be one of the biggest speeches of this campaign cycle in the European capital.

This really is one stupid stunt even for a really desperate campaign like McCain’s. Shit, John, why not hit the road and tour all of Europe right here at home. In addition to Berlin and New Berlin, the state of Illinois alone can provide you with Paris, Athens, Vienna, Marseilles (close enough), Sicily, New Holland, Milan, Brussels, Lisbon, Liverpool, Rome, Warsaw…am I missing any?


Marie said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I just realized you were looking for Europe.

Marie said...

Sorry about that.

I was going to come back with Ottawa, but I guess that's not in Europe either.

How about Geneva?