Monday, July 21, 2008

You Pantsless Nerds!

See, this is why I never even indicated I was going to the game. Illinois Times stalkers!
But even more unusual was the little gaggle of nerds sitting in the bleachers, squinting against the sun. It was the first meeting IRL of Springfield bloggers — a group that took offense a few months ago when Cap City called them pantsless persons living in their parents’ basements. For days in advance they had chattered about their baseball outing, but when Sunday rolled around — beautiful weather, free tickets (every Sunday home game, courtesy of County Market), and an extra-innings spectacular Sliders victory — a mere handful of bloggers showed up.

Says our brave favorite (a pants-wearing, truth-speaking soul): “Apparently getting bloggers to dress and leave their parents’ basement is more difficult than we thought. Turnout was dismal.”
My mother warned me about hanging with the in-gaggle, nerdy or not.

Springfield Sliders


Anonymous said...

Hey maybe us bloggers can use the Illinois Times to cover up our nakedness. I mean it is free, every store in Springfield has tons of copies because it is worth about how much it sells for (nothing).

Of course, us basement dwelling bloggers who live with our parents can also use the Illinois Times to line our birdcages, wrap our fish, and line our cat litter boxes.

Anonymous said...

I once briefly considered using IT as toilet paper, but I decided it would be an insult to feces.