Thursday, July 03, 2008

Come Closer or the City Will Burn Down!

Yes, let’s cram more people into a smaller area. Dumb idea.
[Springfield] City officials decided to use “close proximity” fireworks — the same kind used during the grand opening of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in 2005— so the public can get closer and to allow for the opening up of Capitol Avenue.

Robbie Johnston, event chair for Springfield’s Fourth festivities, said close-proximity fireworks are safer for the public because they create less debris. The city’s fire marshal, Dale Simpson, “had raised some concerns because we have so many historical buildings downtown and the trees are getting bigger,” Johnston said.

Unlike typical fireworks that are shot from a distance and travel farther into the air, creating a potential for wide-ranging fiery fallout, close-proximity fireworks stay closer to the ground and create a more intense display up close, akin to the types used at Disney World and rock concerts, Johnston explained.

As such, the fireworks cannot be viewed from great distances, she said.

When we go downtown to watch the fireworks, we are among those sitting a couple of blocks away. You can park so that there isn’t a lot of walking and you can get out quickly so as not to be caught in traffic.
And, hey, how ‘bout some bombs bursting in air? Baaaaah!

Oh well, no downtown fireworks for us this year.

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