Sunday, February 26, 2006

Department of Incoherency

Ah-nold speaks; you no comprende. From today’s all-Republican day on Meet the Press:
RUSSERT: ….Ports. Do you believe that this deal should go forward to allow the United Arab Emirates company control six American ports, operate them?

SCHWARZENEGGER: …And it's a very complex issue, because, you know, we have the globalization, we want to do trades with everyone all over the world, but at the same time, globalization crosses with terrorism now, and there's that whole fear. And then we have villainized the Arab world also so much that now Arab country -- or company taking over our ports and maybe have some influence in our security, it freaks everyone out, and rightfully so.
It freaks me out that anyone is seriously asking Arnold Schwarzenegger about this. But he makes a few good points: we do have “the globalization” and we do “want to do trades”. This guy could be George W. Bush’s ad-lib writer.

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The American Patriot Legion said...

Right on. I moved to California recently and this guy is a major moron, perfect for the Bush admin.

In reality though he does make some good points, he just doesn't know how to talk, mmm reminds me of another major politician...oh sorry Bush never makes any good points.

What he says about us attempting to stay on top in a new world were globilization and world trade has taken over the business world it is very important for us to consider the issue of how to most effectivally run our porst. It is also important that we keep in mind that with this new trend comes a new danger for terrorism and we must be careful to be secure in the way we do business at our ports.

It is also true that the Western world has demonized Arab contries, and Islam for that matter, to the point that without cause many times Arabs or anything associated with them is immiediatly labeled a possible threat. Although some of this concern may be warrented it is far out of hand it would seem.

The point he misses is that it is not just an issue of security, especially considering the fact that the DHLS and the Port Authority will still be in charge of security, (this is not to say that security is not an issue, I am aware that the operators would be privy to secure information regarding the ports that could potentially be used in an attack, I am simply saying here that it is not the ONLY issue.) The other major problem is that this was done using shady back door politics that this administration is well known for and once again the American people were left in the dark. Also is the fact that a foriegn company should never have been in charge of running the ports in the first place, British or Arab, it should be an American company. I am in no way against foriegn businesses, but when a President goes on and on about spurring an economy and we are in a damned recession I think it makes since that the Government should at least try to do business with American companies first.

P.S. The blog is looking great, it's been a while since I have been able to visit. Keep up the great work.