Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday Beer Blogging: Beer Fridge Edition

Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. That means I’ll be attending the 9th annual Super bowl party thrown by good friend SK (I’ll be the only person to have attended all nine!). One of the highlights of SK’s parties is the work of art that is the beer fridge. SK loads up his refrigerator with all manners of beer form all corners of the world. Food is set aside in one corner and the rest of the fridge is dedicated to row upon row of brown and green bottles, labels uniformly displayed outward. It gives me chills to look at…but that may be because the refrigerator is open.

Tonight I’m going out with SK to do the beer shopping and help sculpt the beer fridge presentation. Artists at work.

Sadly, I have no pictures of past works. However, thanks to the Internet, I have found a number of beer fridge pics worthy of beer blogging in honor of the SK Super Bowl Party IX beer fridge.

First up, a beer fridge picture that perhaps most resembles the SK Super Bowl fridge:

Note the food, what there is of it, is mostly all crammed into the drawer and there is plenty of beer variety.

Here's another example of cornering the food to make room for the beer:

Here (above) the beer fridge artisan has placed the food all on a shelf and in the door. This is a bit sloppy and while the stacking of beer can takes some talent its really not that pretty. First, he (it has to be a he) used cans. Second, they aren't facing outward. And what's with the beer in the freezer? That could be dangerous.

Moving on, here we have something closer to perfection:

The fridge is totally dedicated to beer. There is a lack of variety but it's full and organized. Worthy of praise.

Next, this is a little too perfect:

Glass front, compact, each shelf a different beer. seems too forced.

This next one gets the improvisation award. When you get up and find that it snowed six feet while you slept, make the best of it and turn your back yard into a beer fridge:

Finally, we have the most awesome beer fridge in the world. This simply must be a tourist attraction:


Special thanks to the site from which I stole a couple of the above photos. Go there for a more comprehensive presentation of beer fridges.

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