Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Time Tunnel

From the Why It’s Sometimes Better Not To Examine Your Past to Closely department comes this cautionary DVD review from Eric Alterman:
…I had high hopes for The Time Tunnel Vol. 1 from 1966. I remember thinking how cool James Darren was (aka “Moondoggy” back when I was six. Well, you really better be into nostalgia to invest in this. Beginning with their landing on the Titanic, well, it’s amazing how the boys can’t seem to pick out a day in history where nothing awful happened. Seems to me that the writers on Star Trek learned a lot from how to do this kind of thing more credibly, if you can believe that. Anyway, if your interest is piqued, it’s here.
I was a huge fan of Time Tunnel during its original airing in the 1960s. Like Eric I was six and seven years old. I have very fond memories of the show but I refuse to ruin them by watching them now. I can only imagine how hokey they will seem.

Some of my other favorite shows of that era, like the original Star Trek and The Rat Patrol, I have seen in recent years and sometimes they’re painful to watch. It’s all in the difference between the imagination of a child and that (or lack thereof at times) of an adult. Still, I think I’ll leave well enough alone with Time Tunnel.

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Anonymous said...

Rat Patrol had one of the all time great TV theme songs. It can be found on TELEVISIONS GREATEST HITS VOL. II.