Friday, February 10, 2006


Doug quick has been updating his Central Illinois broadcast history site. He has posted more on the history of WICS Ch. 20 here. And he has some commentary on the future of radio in general here (hint: he sees satellites).

Speaking of the history of WICS, Russ at Springfield Rewind has just added a then-and-now photo of the Ch. 20 building on Cook Street. Let’s say not much has changed in 40 years. If you haven’t been to Springfield Rewind lately, do so immediately. Russ has added a ton of stuff. I don’t know where he gets the time. It can’t be easy setting up those present day shots to correspond so exactly with the old pictures. If there were awards for Springfield blogs, Springfield Rewind would probably win in like five categories.

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Russ said...

Thanks for the kind words Dave. I'm glad you enjoy the site...but you get the credit for it since I wouldn't have started it without Look Back Springfield. LBS is Happy Days, Rewind is Laverne and Shirley (or maybe Mork and Mindy).

Hey, somebody needs to start the official Springfield Blog Awards while you still think I have a chance of winning something :)