Wednesday, February 15, 2006

“Gross Approximations and Crude Categories”

There’s a new report out on how we’re not doing so well against the Iraqi insurgency. I particularly liked this passage in the CNN story:
The study was critical of the United States fighting "an enemy it hardly knows," and called its labeling of insurgency groups as Saddamists, Islamo-fascists "gross approximations and crude categories."
But see, this is a war created, executed and feverishly supported (but not with their own blood) by the right wing in this country. And one of the righties’ distinguishing characteristics is engaging in "gross approximations and crude categories." Just listen to wingnut talk radio. Everything is distilled down to the cartoonishly simplistic. Everything is black and white and easily categorized into preconceived notions (it saves on thinking). The tendency is not serving them well in their Great Iraq Adventure.

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