Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oil Addiction

The major media outlets seem to be focusing on President Bush’s call for an end to this country’s addiction to oil as the headline from last night’s State of the Union address. Odd that when Al Gore suggested such a thing before the 2000 election the right wing declared that meant Gore wanted to take all our cars away, destroy our economy and ruin the American way of life.


Lone Ranger said...

That's because Al Gore said the automobile was a greater threat to the planet than the nuclear bomb. Bush didn't say anything that nutty.

JeromeProphet said...

Lone Ranger,

Actually, as the glaciers melt in the North Atlantic (near Iceland), the density of ocean water in that region will essentially block the Gulf Stream from curving towards Nothern Europe.

Which will result in a drop of ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic. This drop will spur the sheeting of massive glaciers in the northern hemisphere. The glaciers will eventually cover most of Canada, and half of the U.S. The glaciers will reach as far south as Southern France in Europe.

Most of the worlds food producing areas will be under hundreds of meters of ice for tens of thousands of years.

We currently live in a inter-glacial period.

Glaciation is the rule, with brief warm periods - like the one in which we live.

All we are doing with carbon dioxide is spurring the end to this current warm period. A period in which human beings achieved remarkable heights.

Gore remark, if he made it wasn't nutty. Perhaps he's just too damned smart for the morons who voted for the fool who is sitting in the White House today.

Like your hat, I had an outfit like that when I was five.


Dave said...


You would have to show me the exact Gore quote in its full context. I’m not buying it at face value here. And “Rush said so!” isn’t good enough either.

One thing is true; autos have done more damage to the environment than nuclear weapons. That's the combination of good luck (on not using nukes) and turning a blind eye to the harm auto emissions cause. I’m not bashing cars but it is time to make some improvements in their power plants.