Monday, February 06, 2006

The Little Devils

I was watching MSNBC this afternoon and they did a story on the five rural churches that have been torched recently in Alabama. The reported on how authorities there were speculating on who was responsible. It came down to three possibilities: thrill seekers, Christian haters, or “devil worshipers”. Let me predict here that is wasn’t “devil worshipers”, whatever they are.

This appears from time to time in the news. “Devil worshipers”, a.k.a. “Satanists”, are though to be behind this or that horrible crime (“devil worshipers” never just shoplift or knock over mailboxes). And while these always unidentified “devil worshipers” are quick to be accused, it never turns out that they are to blame.

So let me make a prediction: no devil worshiping arsonists will be found in Alabama. Another prediction: “devil worshipers” will continue to be persons of interest when convenient.

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