Monday, February 06, 2006

Like A Rolling Stone

Wow. Leave the Rolling Stones alone people. I can’t believe the amount of really negative comments I’m hearing about their Super Bowl halftime performance. It wasn’t THAT bad. In fact, for a bunch of 60 year olds, I thought they rocked.

Now, should there have perhaps been a Motown act, being as the Super Bowl was played in Detroit? Probably. But that isn’t the fault of the The Stones.

By the way, I’m done expecting really entertaining commercials during the Super Bowl. Two years in a row now there hasn’t been much to see. I guess I’ll have to start pretending to be interested in the game again.


Anonymous said...

Well for one thing they didn't prerecord their music, and pretend to perform it - or even use "assist" at least I don't believe they would.

So was he out of breath - yes, but it would be interesting to hear what's really coming over a mike when other performers are trouncing around stage - w/o the lipsinc "assist".


Anonymous said...

I thought the Stones were good. The problem was the sound. First you couldn't hear them. Then you could only hear Mic sing. Then all you heard was guitar. I'm sure doing sound for a live superbowl is difficult and it ruined the performance.

Anonymous said...

Ah, c'mon - don't tell me you didn't like the Baby Clydesdale. It was the best part of the program. In fact, since Bud got rid of the frogs and lizards, the Clydesdales are the only thing left (although I admit the magic fridge was funny.)