Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Selling Like Paninis

I like Lean Cuisines. They are just right portion-wise for me, especially if eaten with a salad. I’ve been eating them for more than a dozen years now on a fairly regular basis. They’re easy to pop into the microwave, aren’t bursting with fat and they keep me from over eating. As such, I was pleased to try their new Panini sandwiches. They’re great for lunch when I REALLY crave sandwiches.

But I’ve been having a hard time finding them in the grocery store lately. I figured I was just shopping at times when some things just hadn’t been restocked. But tonight at Jewel, I noticed a sign the store had but up on the freezer case in front of the Lean Cuisines. It indicated the Paninis may be sold out due to popular demand, Stouffer's (who makes Lean Cuisines) was having trouble keeping up with demand and that they should have the supply problem solved by June of 2006. Why June, I haven’t a clue.

In all my years shopping for food, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sign. It’s hard to believe there has been such a run on microwave sandwiches. Has there ever been a food item so popular it took the manufacturer 4 months to meet demand?

Update: Or is this just a sly marketing ploy? After reading the sign in the store, I bought two more Paninis (they might run out!) even though I have some and home and had not inteded to buy more right away.

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