Friday, August 11, 2006

Air Safety Done Right

JP has what I think is basically a good plan. There are simply too many sneaky ways to get explosives and other weapons, or weapons parts, on to a plane. If some of these plots start succeeding, the airline industry is going to suffer hugely. So, it might be in their interest to consider some of the things JP is suggesting. I do think perhaps we should be able to carry on at least a change of clothing since lost luggage is a significant problem and one that may get worse if all the carry-on luggage has to go through baggage handlers.

Of course, having said that, ultimately these things need to be thwarted long before they get to the boarding of planes stage. Law enforcement is the best defense against these criminal acts (as opposed to invading uninvolved coutries that were no threat to begin with). And when I say law enforcement, I mean intelligence agencies as well as more traditional police operations that all work withiun the law and uilize the criminal justice system. That’s how the British did it and it sems to have worked well.

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