Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Beer Blogging: Not This Week Edition

Due to personal circumstances I’ll not be blogging beer-wise today. However, John is stepping up to the plate in my absence.

Also, for some reason -probably subconsciously knowing I'd need material this Friday, ThirtyWhat sent me this picture a few days ago.

It's nice when your (blogging) family's got your back. Thanks for all the kind words during this difficult time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what an adorable puppy! How cute is this picture? Does this puppy belong to TW?

ThirtyWhat said...

Unfortunately no ... she's not mine. Funny story.

Five or six years ago, Mr. ThirtyWhat told the girls and me that we could get a puppy ... which was a great sacrifice on his part cause he's really not a pet kinda person.

I wanted a pug more than life itself. We looked in the papers ... called breeders ... drove clear up to Peoria looking for a baby pug to call our own. Nothing.

About 6 weeks into our search, we saw Maggie and fell in love. She was a teeny-tiny salt and pepper miniature schnauzer ... and a million miles from a pug. But we loved her anyway ... and took her home.

Every single day since then ... I see pictures, movies, and postcards with pugs on them. I have a half dozen friends and/or co-workers who have bought pugs ... there are at least three people in my neighborhood with pugs. It's as if pugs are falling out of the freakin sky! I think God is laughing at me ...

So when I saw that picture, I thought ... you know, if that pug could blog, he'd beer-blog. Isn't he adorable?

We've got your back, Dave ... take care.

John said...


Wanted you to know, man, that I am thinking of you. So sorry for you loss.