Monday, August 21, 2006

Friday Night Fair Fright

Even though I was on the Fairgrounds Friday evening, I guess I missed some of the things going on nearby. While I was aware of the storm moving in, I had no idea it looked this nasty via satellite. While there was some distant lightning and it did rain a bit (the Miller beer tent got VERY crowded), in the end it wasn’t much of a storm. And I’m sad to read these posts (here and here) from Jerome Prophet on an apparent mugging just outside the Fairgrounds that night. I also hope it isn’t true that a police offer stood by and did nothing. I’m pleased to say that I have still never seen or been victim of a crime at the The Fair, with the exception of the highway robbery going on with concession prices.

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JeromeProphet said...

Here's another bit of info.

I spoke with another teen girl who was there. This is not the girl I "quote" in the conversation which I have previously blogged about - this is yet another witness.

The girl told me, and my daughter last night, that after the mugging she kept calling the cellphone number - in an attempt to locate the stolen phone.

The phone kept ringing in one of the muggers pants pocket.

This mugger kept taking the phone out of his pocket, and hanging it up.

Finally, the mugger got wise, and turned the phone off.

The girl repeatedly asked the police officer to do speak with the mugger. Telling the police officer exactly what she was doing.

The police officer refused to help in anyway.

He was there to prevent looting at the Walgreen's Drug Store, and that was it.

It was just one police officer in a crowd of dozens of youth - most which had just participated in a violent crime - right in front of this one police officer.

Why that outnumbered cop didn't get on his radio to ask for help in reestablishing law, and order I can't even begin to guess.

But is sounds as if the cop was outnumbered, possibly outgunned, frightened, and perhaps trying to avoid a riot.

That's a powerful lesson for all in our community to learn.

Our ideas of safety are very much based upon our desire to see the world that we want to live in - instead of the world in which we truly live in.