Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Beer Blogging: Schwelmer Edition

I discovered Schwelmer Pils about six weeks ago when I was charged with buying the beers for my in-laws 40th anniversary party. They wanted a variety of good beers and, for whatever reason, trusted my judgment. Well, I could have gone nuts an bought a bunch of bizarre imports just for fun but I played it pretty straight getting better beers but ones people might have actually heard of, things like Red Stripe, Beck’s and Moosehead. While shopping for these beers at Friar Tuck’s, I decided I’d also get something in a cool looking bottle just as a treat for my father-in-law. I settled on a four-pak of the German made Schwelmer Pils based solely on the interesting box they came in and the ceramic stoppers used to cap the bottles.

When it came to putting all the beer in the beer tubs, my father-in-law wound up placing the Schwelmer in with the general population. Well, a couple of guests wound up grabbing one of these each and they loved it. My father-in-law had one too.

Later, I took the last one and tried it myself. Wow, what a great beer. The best discovery I've made in a long time.

Anyway, I was at Friar’s again last night and decided to pick up a few more for my own consumption. I begin a week-long vacation this evening and I hope to get to my Schwelmers soon.

Meanwhile, maybe see you at the beer tents at the State Fair. They ain’t serving Schwelmer but it should be a good time anyway. In fact, I may try checking these guys out Monday at the Bud tent.


Bike said...

I've not tried the German made Schwelmer Pils, but I'll have to now! Can't go wrong w/ a German beer...

John said...


Wanted to let you know that we tasted the Schwelmer Pils during a taping of our show this week. We've been wanting to do a wine and beer tasting on air for some time now. I was in charge of bringing beer, and I chose the Schwelmer Pils based on this Friday Beer Blog. Just thought I'd let you know. Many thanks for turning me on to this great beer.