Thursday, August 03, 2006

Supplemental Beer Blogging: Cooking With Beer Edition

I missed this earlier today but saw it in the SJ-R this afternoon while I was at the hospital. It’s an article on how some Springfield establishments like to cook with beer and how they do it. Good stuff. Recipes are included!

There’s also a good beer picture included but, as is my policy when it comes to SJ-R photos, I won’t post a copy here but rather invite you to look at it on the SJ-R site.


John said...


Thanks for posting this. I love the flavor beer brings to a dish, but I never really know how to use it. This is a really great article.

By chance do you brew your own beer, Dave? I'm planning to start brewing my own this winter and just wondered if you do it.

Marie said...

I've done some cooking with beer. But, not for a while since I rarely have it around. This may be mentioned in the article, which I haven't read yet, but it's often times a good idea to let the beer go flat before adding it to a recipe.