Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Decatur Blowout

Say what you want about Springfield but at least we don’t have this problem:
DECATUR - Dane Bragg calls it the Saturday sign problem.

"It's the discount blowout signs, whether it's Kmart or K's Merchandise or the Fashion Bug, we've all seen them, the hot tub blowout signs," the assistant city manager told the Decatur City Council on Monday.

Councilmen are fed up with businesses flouting the law and blanketing the city on weekends with signs announcing blowout and clearance sales. The city is ready to crack down on offenders by seeking fines of up to $500 per sign.


"On Friday night, while everybody is asleep, they'll go around and pelt the entire city with signs," Councilman Shad Edwards said of offenders.

Now, the city will assign a staff member each weekend to scout high-profile areas where signs often are placed illegally. If signs are found, the staff member will call in a troubleshooter to collect the signs, and photograph and document the violation for court action.
Why doesn’t this happen here? Or does it and I’ve failed to notice? Does Decatur have a “culture of signage”? Do we have laws and enforce them? Or do the sign fairies that come out on Friday nights not know about Springfield?


Anonymous said...

You must be blind. There are signs all around the city on a regular basis. Perhaps it's worse in Decatur, but they are there! Open your eyes!!!

Marie said...

I agree with anon11:43:33. Exhibit A: Check out Stanford starting just east of D'Arcy's going west down Wabash to wherever.

ThirtyWhat said...

I don't know if I'd characterize Springfield's signs as an epidemic ... but I've seen plenty scattered on the west side. K-Mart must print a buttload of em.

Iggy said...

I'd have to agree that this isn't widespread in Springfield. But you will see it on the westside and along Route 4 fairly often. I've also seen an increase of people standing on corners holding signs for sales etc. I had seen this in other states when travelling.