Monday, August 07, 2006

OMIGOD – I’m a BSS Grad Too

ThirtyWhat has issues with her experience in grade school, which in the Springfield Catholic school system includes “Middle School”. I would never, never, never want to be a girl in middle school, EVER.


JeromeProphet said...

Well when God ask you for your choice as to what you want to be, just tell her you don't want to come back as a female - since you don't ever ever ever want to be a BSS girl :)


Dave said...

Now wait, BSS girls rock, always have. It's middle school girls in general that are sometimes evil embodied.

Tell me I'm wrong Mr. Jerome Prophet, BSS class of '74.

ThirtyWhat said...

LOL ... gosh ... I didn't mean to sound like I have "issues" ... but I guess it came across that way.

I don't think it's BSS at all ... I think ALL girls that age are basically the same.

I mean ... I don't think if I'd gone to Riverton or Chatham or ... hell ... pick any school ... I don't think we would've been siting in a drum circle singing kumbaya.

The only reason that subject came to mind was from a conversation with my Mom's friend. She works for the diocese and knows people from BBS who have class reunions ... and she wanted to know if we'd had one.

It's not a BSS thing ... or a Catholic thing ... it's just a girl thing. Damn these ovaries!