Thursday, March 06, 2008

Are We Done With Snow?

A few notes on the snow we got Tuesday:

First, the winner of the latest forecasting throwdown was the National Weather Service. They beat The Weather Channel in snowfall prediction. I haven’t kept a running score on who got right most often, but my sense is that, at least for this season, it’s been about even.

Having said that, if I was blogging just a few minutes north or west of Springfield, it would have gone the other way. We got over four inches of snow here while in places like Athens, Petersburg and Pleasant Plains, they got nothing.

March snow storms like Tuesday’s aren’t exactly rare but they usually tend to stand out in one’s mind because it is so late in the season. With this storm coming on the heals of a snowy February, it didn’t seem so out of place, just more of an almost continuous winter. Although having a brief surge of warm temps the 70s just two days before still made it hard to take.

My guess (hope, really) is this was the last measurable snow event of the season. Or at least the last one where I need to use my shovel. Get your lawn mowers ready.


JeromeProphet said...

Great photo of snow dude! A vast sea of snow dunes. Like where did you take that? The north pole?

Anonymous said...

Winter Storm Watch for southern IL. Don't put those shovels away just yet. Remember 2006 after the tornadoes, we had an all out blizzard??