Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama Really Was Here


I’ve be puzzled by the lack of antidotal tales of encounters around Springfield with the once State Senator Barack Obama. I mean, he was here quit a bit for years, someone must remember him. Well over the weekend I finally heard of an Obama encounter.

A friend of a friend is a lobbyist here in town. I’ve met this lobbyist a number of times through my friend, but he’s little more than an acquaintance to me. Anyway, this lobbyist told my friend that he once played cards with Barack Obama. That is, Obama was part of a larger card game in which this lobbyist was also involved. The lobbyist told my friend that Obama smoked alot of cigarettes, but did not drink. And I have to assume there was plenty to drink at the game or this lobbyist would not have been there.

That’s it. Obama played cards, smoked but didn’t drink. Not the juiciest of all tales but, geez, considering the dearth of such stories I have encountered, I’ll take it.

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BlogFreeSpringfield said...

You could have embellished a bit. Maybe said that Obama pulled a deringer out of his boot after a competitor threw down a suspicious straight flush. Or that a German cabaret singer was sitting on his lap, the two of them laughing it up all night. See, it's not hard to find an interesting Obama tale.