Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stipulated: Bloggers Are Nerds

Atrios says what few of us want to confront:

I long ago stopped really caring about how those weird creatures called bloggers are caricatured in the media, but I do find one aspect of it fascinating. There is a complete inability of writers to get beyond a decades old stereotype of the "computer nerd." You know, bloggers use computers! Nerds use computers! Bloggers are nerds!
This stereotype really does exist, and I think it’s worse than that. I sometimes avoid the fact that I blog because blogging has gotten kind of diminished reputation among the very large non-blogging and non- blog reading populace. Sure, part of it is the “nerdy” aspect, but I also get this blogging-is-stupid-and-egotistical-and-who-really-gives-a-fuck-what-you-think-about-anything vibe too.

Maybe I’m just self-conscious, but I get the feeling friends and family indulge the crazy blogging thing and just roll their eyes when I leave the room. I feel like a Civil War reenactor walking around in my Confederate uniform. Its viewed as hobby by mental illness. Hey, crazy Uncle Dave has a blog, tee-hee.

The Making of a Blog Post

Now if I could make a living off blogging like Atrios, I’m guessing it would be more respectable. But since I get no compensation, it’s just a silly waste of time.


Anonymous Communist said...

Don't forget the stereotype that all bloggers are unemployed and live in their parents' basement.

ThirtyWhat said...

Don't think of it as silly ... just think of all the money you're saving in therapy bills. Hell, you're not crazy ... you're THRIFTY.