Monday, March 10, 2008

Living in Another Era

When I saw this headline…

Report: Beatles , Apple Reach $400 Million Deal
..I thought there had been some lingering and decades-old legal action between The Beatles (half of whom aren’t even alive anymore) and Apple Records.

But it turns out I’m just an aging dumbass:

Multiple UK news outlets are reporting today that Sir Paul McCartney has reached a deal with Apple to offer the Beatles catalog on the iTunes Store. The deal, reportedly worth $400 million, comes after months and months of speculation and relentless torrents of rumors. As best as we can tell, this is the real deal, and will lead to the most popular band of all time finally finding its way onto an online marketplace.
Oh, that Apple.

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Iggy said...

Actually there has been much litigation over the years between the two companies. As recently as 2007.