Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Headlines That Scare Me

From the SJ-R online:
U.S. Supreme Court case may trigger handgun battle in Illinois cities

Damn, handgun battles might kill a lot of people. If you live in an Illinois city, look out. Also be careful of handgun puns like "may trigger".


RickMonday said...

I listened to the oral arguments on the NRA radio show. It was very interesting to hear the attorney's and the Supreme Court Justices go back and forth.

From what I can tell, Kennedy was suppose to be the swing vote. He stated several times that he thought the 2nd Amendment was an individual right.

Scalia and Roberts tore apart DC's lawyer, Dillinger. At one point Dillinger said that only allowing one gun to be owned was sufficient. Scalia chimed back, "well I need a deer gun, a goose gun, a turkey gun, a pheasant gun etc.." Dillinger had no response.

Roberts nailed dillinger on the trigger locks. Dillinger claimed that he could unlock the trigger lock in 3 seconds. Roberts asked him if that was in the light of day or at night. Dillinger said he tried it during the day, Roberts responded, well at night will I have to turn the light on, put on my glasses, and load my gun while the perp is in my bedroom? It was good stuff.

It looks, based on the questions being asked, that this law will be overturned and that the 2nd amendment will for once be defined by the Supreme Court as an individual right and not the right of a collective militia as the gun grabbers claim.

rickmonday said...

Sorry Dave, I screwed up the apostrophe in my first paragraph. It should read, attornies'.

RickMonday said...

One thing that really bothered me a bit was the position of the US attorney, Clement. Supposedly representing the Bush administration he kept implying that he wanted the government to continue to have the right to seriously restrict gun usage. He mentioned machine guns 18 times in his brief. Bush was elected in 2004 with the support of the NRA, particularly in West Virginia. For his administration to posture like this just adds to the fact that Bush is not a conservative and is ruining the GOP.

geek_guy said...

How dare you speak that way the god-annointed!
Why do you hate God?!?
Why do you hate America, you godless commie?!?

geek_guy said...

Bush is not a conservative
The guest host on WMAY Friday called (while shouting into the mike) Bush a Liberal?!?

Umm, when you are
Pro-Death penalty
Pro=privatization of government services, including the military
Pro forcing of religion down peoples throats
Pro tax cuts for the rich during a war
Anti-gun control
etc, etc

You are a conservative.

Google "Liberal Bush" for a laugh.