Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Obama Really Was Here Pt. 2

MSNBC last night had a fawning one-hour documentary on the political career of Barack Obama. It looked like it was part a series and I’m guessing that there will be similar shows on both Clinton and McCain. It would be as easy to fill an hour with nice stuff about both of the other contenders and I hope that’s what they do (have done). Otherwise the Obama piece comes off as little more than political propaganda. The Obama campaign couldn’t have put together a more appealing piece for their candidate.

Anyway, a good portion of the show focused on Obama’s time here in Springfield, and it, among other things, indicated he did participate in the legislators’ card games as reported by my lobbyist acquaintance.
There was also plenty of footage from the morning Obama announced his candidacy from the steps of the Old State Capitol. Considering the trajectory of the Obama candidacy, I’m now glad I endured the unbelievably cold temperatures that morning to be part of that crowd. It was history in the making.


nancy said...

My 11 year old son and I braved the cold last year too. He plans on delivering his announcement for the 2032 bid on those same steps.

rickmonday said...


I think I see you in the crowd. You are the one with the beer right?