Monday, March 10, 2008

Fate Not Accompli?

Could it be that representation by Schock the Monkey is not inevitable?
For reasons I have expressed before, I don't think [Aaron] Schock is as strong as his supporters think he is. And I also do not think opponent Colleen Callahan is a weak candidate in the least. And I agree that if Barack Obama heads the ticket, Callahan is is really good shape in November.
The odd thing about the 18th Congressional District race for me is that it largely has nothing to do with our little corner of Springfield. This a Peoria district. Therefore, it's hard to know the main characters in this play or even to know much about the plot. So when a Peorian throws me a bit of hope like this, I'll take it. Go Callahan, whoever you are.

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Bookworm said...

Colleen Callahan is very well known to viewers of WMBD-TV and listeners of WMBD radio. She has been their ag reporter since the mid 1970s. Anyone who has lived anywhere north of, say, Mason City in the last 35 years would probably recognize her.

She often reported live from various fairs in the summer and has certainly spent a lot of time at the State Fair; so she would certainly be familar with Springfield too.

She is as familiar to Peoria media market TV viewers/radio listeners as Judy Fraser, Jim Leach or Gus Gordon would be to you. I think she will give Schock a run for his money on name recognition alone.