Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Words of the Killers Are Written on the Bathroom Walls

Can I just interject that mass murderers rarely, if ever, announce their intentions, and certainly not on restroom walls.
llinois State University police are investigating two additional reports of graffiti that were found overnight in campus residence halls.

The non-specific messages referred to the Northern Illinois University shootings and were found in Colby and Barton halls.

Students who were uncomfortable attending classes Friday as a result of the messages were told they could make up missed work at a later time after first consulting with their professors.

On Thursday, a scribbled threat reading, “ISU is the next NIU,” was found in a bathroom in Whitten Hall.

Also Thursday, police at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield were investigating a threatening message found in a women’s bathroom stall in Menard Hall. The message said, “Everyone dies,” followed by a number 15 inside a circle. There was no reference to the Feb. 14 NIU shootings.

Get a grip people.


Anonymous said...

There was also a wacko threat scrawled upon a wall inside a major business here in town. The result of which caused a police investigation and beefed up security. I can't reveal where, but let's just say it had everyone a little spooked including several parents of NIU students.

Lot's of wackos out there.

ThirtyWhat said...

For the record, we have two girls going to ISU. I've seen the e-mails from the Dean ... seen IM logs from various students ... and I can assure no one was overreacting.

There wasn't a campus lock down. They didn't send out any paranoia-inducing messages. They simply took precautions based on what some nutjob chose to write in a public building.

Here's my opinion ... was it a real, credible threat? Probably not. You're right ... most mass murderers don't broadcast their intentions. BUT ... common. They had to inform everyone and take precautions. Can you IMAGINE the outcry if something HAD happened and they hadn't taken any steps to beef up security?

These are dangerous times, TEH ... the worst thing I could imagine would be another NIU or VT tragedy happening up at ISU.