Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Primarily Bad

As per usual, I agree with Digby:
I realize there was once a time when delegates and conventions were the way the big boys decided the nominee but I don't actually get why, in the modern world, the party doesn't just hold primary elections under the same rules everywhere and then count the votes and declare a winner. Why all these arcane rules that end up making democracy look like some kind of parlor game? I don't think it's good for the country.

We could either go to having the primaries on one day nationally or keep them spread out, but use the running vote total to pick a winner. Screw caucuses. Screw delegates (especially super delegates). Hell, screw the conventions; just let the winner be chosen by popular vote. If no one gets a majority of the votes (over 50%), the candidate with the most votes wins, or devise a national run-off system between the two top vote getters. Anything but what we have now.

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