Wednesday, March 05, 2008

God is a Bullet

The Sangamon County sheriff’s office is running out of ammunition? Wow, I didn’t realize they went through so much of it. The SJ-R article doesn’t say how the ammo is being expended. It can’t be from frequent shootouts; we’d of heard something about that. I suppose it’s attrition from target practice.

Oh well, just one more wonderful side effect of the glorious war in Iraq.

I do have give Sheriff Neil Williamson the Analogy of the Year award for this gem:

“Ammunition is one of our basic tools. It’s like a carpenter and nails. If a carpenter doesn’t have nails to build a house, then they’re out of business. This is one of the tools we have to have.”
Thanks Neil, now I understand! Although I think you could still provide basic services without ammo. I understand having guns gives your guys a certain amount of credibility in violent matters, most of the police work done by the sheriffs police is done without guns. Again, not that they should have to do without, but they need to take that up with the war nuts in Washington. My guess is that Neil, a good Republican, voted for George W. Bush. That makes it hard for me to have much sympathy for Williamson’s dilemma. He should have been more concerned with the community he serves.

And since I brought it up, God is a Bullet by Concrete Blonde here.


ThirtyWhat said...

Awesome graphic ... I loved the BulletBoys. Their cover of "For Love of Money" rocked ...

rickmonday said...

Does it really matter if the cops dont have bullets? They are rarely there when you need them anyway.