Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Obama Zombie Cult

I also, as per usual, agree with Atrios:

I don't have a problem understanding why some people support Obama and some people support Clinton. It really puzzles me why lots of people don't get that simple fact. The point is not that the candidates are identical and no one should be a supporter or care who wins, it's that you should recognize that the other person's supporters aren't necessarily deluded or stupid. You may disagree with their reasons, but they have them.
I haven’t said anything about this yet because I was thinking this primary would be ending soon. But since it isn’t, let me weigh in.

Yes, I’m more of an Obama supporter than a Clinton supporter. There are a number of carefully thought out reason for that. However, I have no especially strong feelings against Clinton. I just think Obama would be a better candidate and president. Not by much, but better. And I certainly hold nothing against anyone who would see things the other way.

Nothing against them, that is, until they start bashing me, not personally, but as an Obama supporter. And, man, there have been a ton of vicious attacks from the Clinton camp against Obama supporters. Apparently, we are all zombies in a cult. We have handed our free will over to Mr. Obama and are mesmerized by his shininess. Sorry but that’s just bullshit and for the Clinton folks to continue along this line of attack isn’t going to help ingratiate an Obama supporter to your candidate now or later. Oh wait, we’re all cultist and couldn't rethink our position or rally to their side in November anyway.

I’m sure there’s some degree of nastiness going the other way as well, but it seems to me most of it has less to do with attacking Clinton supporters as it does with the usual and expected attacking of the candidate. Going after the supporters of your primary rival accomplishes exactly nothing good in the long run. Cut it out, everyone.


Daniel said...

Hey Dave,
First time reading the blog. Without trying to be TOO harsh I would say the Obama "zombie cult" issue is an important one. The guy says nothing in a very pretty way. He espouses change but has no real plan, and when challenged on it he slides off into politico nothing-speak.

Before you wonder, I'm not a Clinton supporter or a Republican. I think we run a serious risk of Obama becoming a "cult of personality" especially for african-american communities.

Call me old fashioned but I would really like some kind of stance on something.

Sabrina said...

The Obama Zombie virus officially reached pandemic levels on November 4th, 2008(Election Day). This day will forever live in infamy as it confirmed that the Obama Zombies officially outnumbered the competent Americans. On this day 52.92% of the American public was diagnosed with the Obama Zombie virus. When the transmission results were made official the brain dead flooded the streets in many of our major cities. The zombie mob eventually overran our nation’s capital on January 20th, 2009 as they mindless awaited the inauguration of their zombie overlord. After years of inaction and apathy, America has woken up to find itself occupied by a horde of belligerent Obama Zombies. We must act now to prevent the further spread of this virus and reverse the current course of our nation as the Obama Zombies try to lead us to ruin.