Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Mothership Edition

A recent discovery in one of my recent field trips to Springfield's Land O' Beer, Brewhous, I discovered a delight in a large bottle: New Belgium Brewing Company's Mothership Wit.

It's served at Brewhous in a large bottle, either 22 or 24 ounces, I can't remember. But it also apparently comes in a 12 oz. variety.

The strangest part is that it comes with pouring instructions on the side. At first, I thought it was a joke. But no, there there is a technique for pouring the beer correctly to maximize its goodness.

As for the name, well, here's what the New Belgium folks have to say:
Our first venture into organically-produced beer, Mothership Wit Organic Wheat Beer elevates the zesty Wit or White beers of Belgium. Our far-flung Beer Rangers affectionately refer to our Fort Collins brewery as the Mothership, a name that conjures images of earth shot from space and the interconnectivity of it all. Mothership Wit is brewed with wheat and barley malt, as well as coriander and orange peel spicing resulting in a balance of citrus and sour flavors held in suspension by a bright burst of carbonation.
The New Belgium Brewing Company is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado and is perhaps better known for its Fat Tire brew (also quite good). The company itself seems to lean green. Aside from the organic aspect of the Mothership Witt, you are greeted with this image of the brewery on their home page.

Have a great weekend. And remember, never board the Mothership without your Wits about you.


allie said...

they always have a stellar selection. i worked there for a few years and 25% of my job was trying all the beers so i could tell people if they were any good when they asked for recommendations.

geek_guy said...

Had one at the Brewhaus last night, good stuff.

Bought a 6 pack of the "Fat tire" last week at county market.

Chipper Dave said...

I'm a fan of their sour beers, La Folie in particular. Nice pucker sour taste that grows on you. Also don't forget their 1554 Black Ale. Better than Fat Tire (IMO).

Chris said...

1554 is awesome! Cool blog.

Russ said...

Believe it or not, Shop n Save is carrying Mothership, 1554, an Fat Tire Amber. I think they may be mainstreaming - which would be fine with me.