Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Not Taking It Anymore

It’s kind of scary that there are actual human beings in our community who think like this. Wow. Talk about issues. Can you imagine walking around being that angry at strawmen all the time?
If we taxed the hyperbole from folks like this we could wipe out the national debt and have enough money left over to start a few more fun wars of opportunity. (LOOK! Typical scumbag worm-meat liberal! Wants to tax my hyperbole! Next, the jack-booted Socialist-Feminazi thugs are going to try to pry my analogies from my cold dead hands!)


allie said...

youre right, it is scary knowing there are people that think like that in our community. they seem to want their cake and eat it too.

jason said...

yay! i'm glad i'm not alone in being disgusted at that particular entry. i don't think "BAWWW LIFE IS SO HARD FOR RICH PEOPLE BAWWW!" represents our community well.

also: how stupid is the complaint about having to pay car insurance? surely the premium is cheaper than covering all the mechanical and medical bills from an accident would be. but i guess you don't have to worry about that if you're the type who "wants" to fly through their windshield rather than wear a seat belt.

nancy said...

The most I get from "her" blog is to be mindful of my skirt length as it relates to my age.

Hilton Hightower said...

She a mean lady, that Tish.

Marie said...

Interesting. I thought she was doing some kind of writing exercise for a comedy routine.

Andy Einstein said...

Why is she so angry when she has all this money to go around buying pitchforks and torches and wrecking cars.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I'll admit it, I think she's hot. I love those eyes, and that cute smile. I LOVE those long shapely legs. Beyond that she's not so bright.

Hilton Hightower said...

Allow me to bore the shit out of you.

Recently I opted to tell Tish of Tishs' Page that she was a nitwit with no knowledge of grammar. I corrected her, and today you'll notice that she has correctly identified her page as Tish's Page.

She then pleaded with Hilton Hightower to take a position of grammatic rule observer for her site, and I promptly refused, citing:

"Hilton Hightower works for no one.

As Walter Heinreid (not Henreid) once said, "It's the crux of the content that is the matter, not the composition. It's the meeting of ideas in a time and space both tangible and intangible that raises the eyebrow of awareness and speaks, saying 'Ah, this is art!' But don't forget about the composition, for a lack of it will surely muck up your vibe."

It seems you lack the content, the composition, and the art. I am perpetually unmoved."


P.S. I hate that person, Tish.