Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Schlitz Edition

Schlitz wouldn't normally be my first choice for blogging or much else except I found this article. It says Schlitz is an Illinois beer!

Chicago, IL (April 2008) - Schlitz®, long known as "The beer that made Milwaukee famous" and once the best-selling beer in the United States, makes a comeback today on the 75th anniversary of its return to Chicago following Prohibition. Pabst Brewing Company in Woodridge, Ill., which now produces the iconic brand, is re-launching Schlitz "Classic 1960s Formula" based on the original recipe and packaged in traditional "Brown Glass" - a packaging innovation that Schlitz introduced in 1912 to prevent light from spoiling beer before it can be served. Chicago is third in a phased re-launch of Schlitz that included Florida and Minnesota markets late last year. The initial roll-out of six- and twelve-pack varieties, priced comparable to other premium domestic brands, will be to select Schlitz accounts with a citywide expansion slated for 2009.
Well now. What ever happened to NIMBY (Not In My Backyard). It's all well and good to not want an oil refinery or nuclear plant, wait, we have those too. So Illinois is the best place for brewing Schlitz after all.

I also didn't realize there was a classic Schlitz. Perhaps the beer got a bad rep by not following the corrective actions Coke took after introducing the new Coke.

And who can forget the Go for the Gusto slogan...whatever gusto is.

I do remember this rather embarrassing match-up back in my college days:

Yes, The Who..brought to you by Schlitz. I was a huge fan but...gag.

Have a great weekend! And remember, give a Schlitz about Illinois beers. Oh, and don't get Schlitz-faced.


Marie said...

There was a smaller Schlitz brewery in my old neighborhood in Chicago. I think it was on Webster near Racine. It had stopped operating before I ever got there. The old timers called it the Schlitz Family Brewery. Like only the family was allowed to drink beer from there. I don't know. Anyway, we watched them dismantle that building brick by Chicago brick, put the bricks on pallets, loaded them up on a flatbed rail car, and shipped them off to New Orleans where the story was a millionaire had supposedly bought them. Every time I went to New Orleans, I looked for those bricks, but I never found them.

That's my Schlitz story. One of 'em.

Marie said...

Schlitz Houses: