Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Routinely Making Time

Do daily routines make you boring and predictable, just going though the motions of life, or do they free up time to do the things that make life more enjoyable?

I briefly caught just a portion of this basic discussion on a morning radio show today and it reminded me that I’m sometimes accused of being too routine-based. Well, that observation comes mostly from my wife who should know I guess.

I admit it; I have some routines that allow me to get some uninteresting things out of the way as quickly and efficiently as possible. That, in turn, allows more time for things I’d rather be doing. For example, I usually lay out my clothes for the next (work) day. That allows me another five minutes of sleep in the morning. Sleep being what I prefer to do in the morning rather than gather the clothes I’m going to wear for the day. Yes, I’m expending about the same amount of time in the evening, but I’m not as interested in sleeping in the evening. AND it actually does take me longer to pick out clothes in the morning because I’m groggy and wind up standing there in the closet all indecisive and unfocused.

But having said that, I really don’t have a lot of micro-routines like the clothes thing. And those that I do are mostly time-savers for the workday morning. On a larger scale, yes, there are times of day I prefer to exercise and eat lunch and retire to my office to surf the net and go to bed. But those have some wide variances and aren’t really routines in themselves except that I routinely do them.

The bottom line is that while certain routines may appear to have all the life sucked out of them, they actually free up time to live life more fully. So all you improvisers of everything should just routinely leave the rest of as faux automatons alone!

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